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European Higher Education for the World 2 - Studies on international students' mobility and brain gain

International project in the frame of ERASMUS MUNDUS PROGRAM Action 4 - Enhancing attractiveness of European higher education

This book presents the stories of seven Erasmus Mundus alumni, focusing on their personal and professional development when they returned home after studies in Europe. Our "Mundificent heroes" were selected on the basis of an essay competition entitled "Returning to my home country. My post Mundus Career." The winners were three Mundus graduates from Asia, three from Latin America and one from Africa, representing seven different Erasmus Mundus Master's Courses. All of them chose to return home after their graduation. Their stories presented in this book show them working and applying the knowledge they gained in Europe in various areas and professions, all of which are vital for the development of their countries. This book is accompanied by the documentary film "The Mundificent Seven".

   This book focuses on the brain gain arising from the international migration of skilled individuals, including the mobility of students and academics, and presents some of the research of the our project.    The first part of the volume contains theoretical analyses of migrations and skill flows, while the second part is concerned with the empirical findings of the research conducted by the project team on brain gain in the perspective of the Erasmus Mundus program. It focuses on programme graduates' career development after their return home, and presents analyses of Mundus students' plans, as well as a sample of graduates' post-Mundus return stories.    We hope that the target audience and all others who encounter this book will find it helpful in answering the question of whether indeed international skill flows can be more beneficial and enriching for all the parties involved - the host countries, the students and graduates themselves, and the sending countries.

"Give us your best and brightest? Enhancing attractiveness of European higher education and the dilemma of brain drain"
14 April 2010

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