Application for STUDENTS

 EMINENCE II 3rd  call for student scholarships


Start:  11.11.2015


      Deadline for submitting on-line application:   26.12.2015

      Deadline for submitting original documents:  15.01.2016


In this call for applications only exchange, one year lasting scholarships are available. This means that this time  there is no possibility to apply for full programs and to start education abroad while not being enrolled at home university at the time of  application and at the time of beginning the mobility abroad.  Respectively, in the application form Applicants may  identify themselves as:

Target Group 1 (TG1) – BA students (of minimum 2nd year), Phd Students or researchers at post-doctoral positions at home universities belonging to EMINENCE II partnership  - i.e. partners which are  8  universities  from Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine, 7 universities from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and 5 universities from European Union countries – listed at,3

Target Group 2  (TG2 )–Phd Students or researchers at post-doctoral positions at home universities which are not  partners of  EMINENCE II partnership , but enrolled at  other HEIs from Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.


If the Applicant is TG1 or TG 2 AND AT THE SAME TIME has the status of Target Group 3 is asked to:


  1. choose in the application form TG1 or TG2 path (for selection of corresponding  courses),

  2. mark YES in  the field informing about having also documents confirming TG3 status,

  3. upload in Section III of application ADDITIONAL DOCUMENT CONFIRMING TG3 STATUS i.e. his/her vulnerable situation, resulted from social and/or  political reasons if:

  •  having a refugee card  or asylum status (international or according to the national legislation of one of the European recipient countries);
  • have been the object of unjustified expulsion from university on racial, ethnic, religious, political, gender or sexual inclination;

  • belonging to an indigenous population targeted by a specific national policy or IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons).


Disadvantaged conditions such as economic status or physical disabilities are not conditions for belonging to TG3. They are taken into consideration as cross-cutting issues under all target groups. All candidates claiming to have also TG3 status  must have reliable documents, issued by relevant  bodies justifying their vulnerable situations. 


For furthers rules please  read carefully Guidelines for Applicants



Applicants are requested to view what courses/programs are offered by EMINENCE II  universities. The table with academic offer in various study fields  is reachable by clicking here .

We recommend to read  also EMINENCE II  partners information sheets available here. Please mind that some universities require additional documents for the application. If you do not include them into application (download of electronic version and submission of paper version in due time) the application will be rejected.



 The application on-line  is divided into 3 steps;

  1. Registration for an account (this page below). Note that you are only allowed to register once. If you register and apply from several accounts the selection committee will consider only the first one. It is very important that you provide a valid email address and that you make sure to keep it active as all the correspondence concerning selection and also further communications for selected applicants will be done only to this e-mail address.
  2. Application form (including selection of up to three courses/programs).  After you have successfully created an account you will receive your personal link to the application form. The link will be sent in an email to the address you enter on this page. Please keep the this e-mail to use it for multiple entering your application form – you can save temporary your application and come back again to it via this link, as many times as needed but only until you submit your application. After completing personal information (SECTION I of application) you will be able to choose up to three courses/programs offered by EU partners (SECTION II).

  3. Uploading of required documents. After completing SECTION I and II you may temporary save your application or go to SECTION III- upload documents. Required documents that must be submitted  are listed and described in Guidelines for Applicants. Please make sure that all your documents together do not exceed 2 MB of total capacity. You will not be able to close your application and you will have to rewrite downloaded documents for their smaller versions (you will have to save temporary application , get into it again via link in the e-mail and upload documents again- a new smaller document in each category replaces the one previously uploaded).

To prepare mandatory documents that must be uploaded with application applicants must refer to table at the end of  Guidelines for Applicants. Here are templates of documents required when applying for Phd and post-doctoral scholarships:

      a) PhD - Mobility and Post-Mobility Project - download:  PDF  Word

      b) Post-doc Mobility and Post-mobility Project-  download: PDF Word

For special rules concerning signing of above documents by  host universities  please go to  Guidelines for Applicants.

  1. Submission of original  documents. After completing on-line application all candidates must  submit a complete application in paper  version  – original of application form and originals of all documents (certified copies in case of university diplomas, certificates are  acceptable) and  copy of passport. Deadline for submitting original documents is  15.01.2016 , further details and addresses for delivery are stated in Guidelines for Applicants.