Erasmus Mundus - Integration of Neighbouring EasterN Regions trough Cooperation in Higher Education

EMINENCE is a partnership of 20 universities from European Union (5 HEIs from Poland, Portugal, France, Italy, Sweden,  )  and Eastern neighboring  regions  (8  HEIs from Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine, and 7 HEIs from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia).  The project will   offer  175 scholarships for students (undergraduate, master, doctoral and post-doctoral) and for staff (academic and administrative) to be awarded for both sides candidates.   Within the possible budget our consortium will exchange  more students and staff than the minimum eligible number of individual mobility flows per partnership, including feasible number of  25 individuals within TG 3,  35 students from universities outside consortium (TG 2) and 42 full BA, MA and Phd degrees to be awarded by EU partners to students from  The Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries.

Each of the 15 EaP partners universities  will send 6 mobile individuals (two undergraduate, one master, one doctoral  or one post-doc students and two members of staff – one academic and one administrative). The EMINENCE idea is that  only through multiplication and spreading of gained abroad benefits (knowledge, skills, experience, ideas, scientific resources etc) their mobility will  have wider impact on the capacity of EaP sending partners. That is why the project will  introduce obligatory post-mobility phase  - EaP students and staff after return will  play a role of  transmitters and multipliers of gained benefits – with obligatory transfer of knowledge, skills and ideas phase” (called later “POST-MUNDUS TOK”) after completion of  mobility period that will be  organised by returnees together with their home universities. The acronym of the project brings a message that the project  targets at  eminence”, understood as  distinction, renown, reputation and importance of future project beneficiaries on their return  to  EaP societies – their students and scholars educated abroad – so needed for the development of  countries aspiring to reach  European standards.