Erasmus Mundus - Integration of Neighbouring EasterN Regions trough Cooperation in Higher Education


Project duration 15.07.2012- 14.07.2016


EMINENCE offered  173  scholarships for students (undergraduate, master, doctoral and post-doctoral) and for staff (academic and administrative) awarded to EU and Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries’ nationals. The acronym of the project brings a message that the partnership   targeted at  “eminence”, understood as  distinction, renown, reputation and importance of project beneficiaries on their return after mobility  to  EaP societies. The project created attractive educational offer for targeted countries and  give it to  their selected for education abroad  talented students and scholars– so needed for the development of  countries aspiring to reach  European standards.  The partnership offered  high quality higher education, accessible for them  through  effective organisation of mobilities  and cooperation mechanisms.  The best candidates were selected to study, carry out research and teaching,  conducting actions strengthening cooperation among partners. The project focused  also on making opportunities for  students from vulnerable groups and thanks to intensive  promotion and associates’ support  22 TG3 candidates were selected.  They finished full BA and MA degree programs or put forward their Phds significantly during long-term mobilities what empowered  them to make changes in their  lives and in vulnerable environments on return. EMINENCE alumni appreciate not only educational credentials from host universities, including diplomas of prestigious EU universities obtained,  but also a wide range of  knowledge, skills and  ideas from studying and  living in hosting countries,   cross-cultural  exposure, experiencing and  understanding different social rules and lifestyles, getting to know foreign countries’ and peoples’ heritage, developing linguistic abilities and stirring their personalities.  This way the project  contributed to the mutual enrichment of societies  by developing the qualifications of students and scholars, equipping them  with  appropriate skills,  making them  open-minded and empowered  by  this  international  experience.  Mobility abroad increased  their positions at  the labour market including  getting  good jobs or being  promoted, obtaining  challenging professional tasks, responsibilities and functions. The project brought advances in professionalism  not only for  alumni themselves  but equally  for their home institutions - enhanced  qualifications (professional qualities, personal development, language skills, working culture habits)  enriched  institutional capacity of HEIs in terms of human capital. Through participation in the project all partner universities noted significant  development in the sphere of internationalisation (number of mobilities, contacts, joint agreements and academic events), as well as introduction of new methods and approaches to teaching-learning process, innovations and know-how to  governance   and administration at their institutions. This is especially valued by EaP partners, as for all of them the EMINENCE project was the first participation in Erasmus Mundus and for many - even  the first mobility scheme with the EU partners,  facilitating their  integration into the European Higher Education Area and Bologna process. The four year lasting partnership  created new links and strengthened  those already lasting between participating partners and associates  that will result in actions and activities after the funding period - several bilateral agreements show promise of joint scientific collaborations and further mobility exchanges in Erasmus Plus or in other programs beyond the EU-funding.