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ARCADE - Academic Relationship for Central Asia with Destination Europe

The project is open to students and scholars ONLY from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, willing to spend a mobility period abroad in Europe for the purpose of studying, teaching, training and research. You can apply now to study and participate in this programme for an enriching experience on both a personal and a professional point of view.

Students and scholars can choose from a wide variety of academic fields at different levels of study (Undergraduate, Master, Doctorate, Post-Doctorate and staff) at one of the European partner Universities. Scholarships will be given to applicants selected by the consortium. The programme finances the expenses engendered by the mobility, including travel costs, subsistence allowances, tuition/registration fees and insurance costs.

ARCADE (Academic Relationship for Central Asia with Destination Europe) is an EMA2 project managed by a Consortium of partner Universities including 7 European Universities and 13 Central Asian Universities and it is coordinated by Politecnico di Torino (Italy). The project gives students, researchers and staff from Central Asia the opportunity to study, do research, training or teaching in Europe for periods of different duration. 84 individuals will be given the chance to broaden their perspective by participating in academic mobility. The project does not provide support for mobility from Europe to Central Asia, nor among the Central Asian Countries.
Individuals may apply for mobility of different duration depending on the length of the course or programme offered by the host university. The academic offer includes exchange as well as full degree programmes.
Detailed information on available courses and their duration is given in the application form for each specific course and university.
Please check the available scholarships before choosing a specific program:

Subsistence allowance For the duration of your mobility period you will receive the following monthly subsistence allowance:

  • Undergraduate 1.000 euro
  • Master 1.000 euro
  • Doctorate 1.500 euro
  • Post Doctorate 1.800 euro
  • Staff 2.500 euro

Travel costs and insurance

Grant holders travel costs will be covered within the total limit of 1.500 euro. These rates are established by the European Commission on the basis of the linear distance between your location of origin and the hosting university premises.
The ARCADE Consortium provides a full insurance coverage (health, travel, accident) to all the grant holders participating in the individual mobility activities.

Participation costs: Participants at any level will not be required to pay any fees or compensation (such as tuition and registration fees, additional library, students unions, laboratory consumable costs and language courses costs) to the host universities.

More information & application: